About us

The QVH Charitable Fund was established in 1996 to manage money gifted to Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) by fundraisers and donors. Our registered charity no is 1056120.

Charitable funds are important to the hospital. Your donations and support will help us to:

• improve the hospital environment so patients feel more comfortable
• invest in additional, better equipment to improve the care QVH provides
• improve facilities for hospital staff so they can focus on patients’ needs
• fund research and educational work, enabling QVH to continue to develop new and innovative treatments for patients

Your support will go a very long way.

The hospital will be a better place for patients to be treated and cared for as a result of your generosity, and will ensure that we continue to rebuild the lives of people who need life-changing surgery.

If you feel you can help, we would be delighted to hear from you.

To find out more or to get involved, please contact us at qvh.supportqvh@nhs.net or telephone 01342 414170.

Helping rebuild lives

Susan Insole is a prosthetics technician at QVH. Charitable funding has helped her and her team improve patient care at the hospital.


QVH makes thousands of prosthetic devices for patients each year, from noses and ears to fingers and toes.

Your donations helped fund a new outpatient unit in the children's ward.  It's transformed the way we do things, and young people's experience of visiting hospital

It's easy to donate

for information about giving online, by post, text and through payroll


You can find our impact reports, charity newsletters and annual reports here.