Support our appeals

We run a number of appeals to raise funds to enhance patient care in our hospitals and clinics. Here are our current ones:

Support QVH Appeal

We have over 1,000 staff who support almost 21,000 inpatient stays each year and 190,000 outpatient appointments. Will you stand beside our amazing teams by donating to our charity?

Patients receive really good care with us, but we want to make sure it is the very best possible. Every day brings new challenges in our hospital, our clinics and our minor injuries unit. By donating to our QVH Appeal, you can help us respond quickly, as soon as the need arises.

Thomas Appeal

Children who have experienced severe burns and other physical traumas not only have to undergo treatment for their physical injuries, but they often need psychological support too.

At QVH, we have a volunteer-run annual CREW camp for our young patients … patients like Thomas who shares his story here. CREW Camp is two days and nights of brilliant activities that are, behind the fun, designed to help build confidence and self-esteem, and allow children who might have experienced similar injuries to connect.