Healing spaces

Calm and well-structured surroundings can reduce stress during a visit to hospital, aid recovery and enhance wellbeing and safety, so we raise funds for indoor and outdoor environmental enhancements. Examples include the following:

Wall art

We were delighted to fund some wall art in three admissions rooms in day surgery (pictured above). The pictures help to make the environment feel less clinical, and more welcoming – for patients and staff alike.

“Finding different ways to ensure all our patients have a positive experience whilst traveling through our department is very important to us, but especially for patients with dementia and learning needs. Some of these patients don’t always fully understand why they are here and it can be very upsetting and stressful for them, their carers and the staff involved in the admission process. The pictures can then be used as a distraction, entertainment and talking point all of which can help enhance patients’ stay with us.”Helen Newman, Deputy Theatre Manager.