Supporting patients and families

Supporting patients is at the core of our work, providing funding for equipment, specialist services and comforts that complement existing NHS-funded services. Below are just a few examples:

Helping patients to manage their pain

Patients receiving treatment for pain management are now benefitting from two new virtual reality (VR) headset kits, provided thanks to charitable funding of £14,208.

We purchased the new virtual reality kits following successful piloting with children on Peanut Ward and adults with burns injuries. The equipment helps with pain management by distracting the brain with virtual environments and 3D games. These new ones will be used by patients undergoing surgery.

Supporting our young superheroes

Having suffered burns or any other physical trauma can not only change the way a child looks, but create long lasting psychological effects. Every year we run activity camps for children to build confidence, create a sense of belonging and make lasting memories and friendships. It allows them to connect with other children who might have experienced similar injuries.

In 2023, for example, 24 children had an extraordinary weekend of superhero adventure on the Isle of Wight in June, attending the specialist summer camp called CREW. The camp is fully funded by QVH Charity to ensure it is open to everyone to be able to join.

It costs us £8,000 to fund this weekend camp every year. CREW camp means so much to so many people.